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Community Clouds: A Better Place for Data

by Trevor Glen
Trevor Glen
Trevor Glen is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of incriptus.
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on Aug 03 in incriptus

The more I’ve thought about the ability to keep data safe by distributing encrypted fragments of that data to the unused space on multiple computers, the more I realise what an ideal solution this provides. The incriptus technology that makes data distribution possible it seems to me is the future of backing up the data we’re all producing at an astronomical increasing rate.

Why would I want to send a complete file, even if it’s encrypted, to the cloud -- a data centre somewhere that uses a significant amount of electricity and is vulnerable to all types of disasters -- when I and a whole bunch of other people can all contribute a bit of unused space to form our own cloud? I really like the feel of independence, being part of a shared solution, and knowing that I’m also helping the environment.  Plus, no complete file exists anywhere – only bits and pieces of my data that can only come back together on my own computer.

So that got me thinking about all the communities that could have a shared interest in being part of their own cloud – like a franchise company, an organisation, a homeowners association, even a municipality.  Imagine the citizens of your town all being part of a backup solution for everyone’s data, including that of the city government or a local council. What a great concept – a community cloud.

Somebody running for office should make that concept a part of his or her platform. I’d vote for it!

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Trevor Glen

Trevor Glen is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of incriptus.